Fair share

A Fair Share proposal to ensure Europe can achieve its 2030 'Digital Decade' targets


Affordable and high-speed digital connectivity, everywhere and for everybody, is a European digital right.

As European telecom operators, we want to ensure that no one is left behind.

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estimated investment deficit to meet the EU’s 2030 connectivity targets


Consumers, businesses, big and small, and telecom operators pay for mobile and fixed network upgrades in Europe. In the last 10 years, telecom operators invested €500 billion but this will not be enough to meet the EU's Digital Decade 2030 connectivity targets

Today, a small number of very large digital platforms generate nearly half of all Internet data traffic in Europe (Sandvine - 2023 Global Internet Phenomena Report). They promise their customers high-definition experiences, in real-time and without lag, but do not contribute towards the costs of the network upgrades needed to deliver those experiences. This is unsustainable and needs to change.

Our proposal

To deliver the digital connectivity Europe deserves and to achieve its Digital Decade 2030 targets, urgent intervention is needed.

That is why we are proposing a new Fair Share* solution.  

*this debate is referred to in different ways, including as 'fair contribution' among European stakeholders and decision-makers
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Who we Are

Fair Share is a proposal developed by European telecom operators, in response to the questions raised by the European Commission about how to ensure sustainable investment in Europe's communications networks.

We support a new, collaborative and more sustainable approach to investing in the future of connectivity for Europe, to deploy a solution for the benefit of all EU citizens and businesses.

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Resource Centre

Looking for further information about the Fair Share initiative? You will find a wide range of information including reports, blog posts and fact sheets from Fair Share operators, endorsers, and industry experts in our Resource Centre.