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Enabling the digital transformation to secure Europe's future is a collective effort to the benefit of consumers, businesses, and society at large, and it needs everyone to play their part to make it a reality.

Like consumers, large traffic generators (LTGs) benefit enormously from better connectivity, and yet, unlike consumers and businesses, these LTGs do not contribute proportionately to its sustainability, despite fully relying on it for the delivery of their services. It is only fair that LTGs now make a fair and proportionate contribution as well.

To underpin a sustainable, equitable investment in infrastructure and ensure Europe’s competitiveness, LTGs generating the most revenues from network services access in Europe should contribute proportionately to the costs of these services.

We are proposing a Fair Share solution which facilitates investment and furthers the interests of European citizens and businesses. We believe policy should evolve to ensure its consistency with the EU's Declaration of digital rights and principles.

All market actors benefiting from the digital transformation should assume their social responsibilities and make a fair and proportionate contribution to the public goods, services and infrastructures, for the benefit of all Europeans. 

Fair Share


Fair Share is an initiative developed by European telecom operators.

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